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Ynni Cymru will unlock Wales’ green energy potential

A successful, community-owned renewable energy company was the perfect location for Climate Change Minister Julie James and Plaid Cymru’s Designated Member Siân Gwenllian to launch Ynni Cymru – a new, a publicly-owned energy company for Wales.

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‘Working together to save lives’ - Welsh Government teams up with police ahead of 20mph roll out

The Welsh Government has teamed up with police forces to help educate motorists ahead of the 20mph default speed limit roll out in September. 

Welsh Government Minister for Climate Change Julie James views Grassholm from an RSPCA boat after Pembrokeshire County Council confirms hundreds of dead wild sea birds have washed up on their beaches in recent days with suspected avian influenza.  Grassholm is home to one of the world’s most important gannet colonies. Gannets are recognised for their pale blue iris, which scientists have now discovered turns black in survivors of avian influenza. It is unknown, but hoped, that some immunity will be passed onto their young.  Gannets live cheek to jowl in packed colonies and like many sea birds, have a low fecundity rate, meaning they may only rear one chick a year. Visible gaps on Grassholm reveal a decimated population, leaving concern over how well this iconic species will recover.

HPAI: Minister visits Pembrokeshire islands as concern over wild bird flu outbreak grows

Climate Change Minister Julie James visited Ramsey and Grassholm Island today off the coast of Pembrokeshire to assess the scale of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) which is affecting wild sea bird colonies around the UK.

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Essential road works to take place on M4

Motorists are advised to plan ahead before they travel in the coming months as a series of major road works and lane closures are set to begin on two separate sections of the M4 this summer.

pont menai menai bridge still

Further works confirmed for Menai Suspension Bridge

Work will begin on Monday September 4th to overhaul the Menai Suspension Bridge to ensure it is permanently restored in time for its 200th anniversary.

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Tighter limit on industrial, power and aviation emissions, as UK leads the way to Net Zero

  • New limit on emissions confirmed for power sector, energy intensive industries and aviation, from 2024
  • Emissions cap will be expanded to more UK sectors - domestic maritime transport and waste – driving forward the UK’s position as a world-leader in decarbonisation
  • Gradual transition for industries as they take the next step to decarbonise, with changes phased and measured

Three months to go: Deputy Minister says 20mph switch will save lives and build stronger communities

Reducing speed will not only save lives but will help build stronger, safer communities, Deputy Climate Change Minister Lee Waters has said three months before the introduction of the default 20mph speed limit.

Described as the ‘biggest step-change in community safety in a generation’, most streets in Wales that currently have a 30mph speed limit will switch to 20mph on Sunday, September 17.

The change comes after four years of work with local authorities, police and road safety experts to design a change in law, making Wales the first UK nation to reset the default speed limit for local roads.

The Deputy Minister with responsibility for transport said: “We’re now just three months away from the biggest step-change in community safety we have seen in Wales for a generation.

“In Wales we do things differently, we look after each other and trust the science.

“Evidence shows that a vehicle travelling at 30mph will still be travelling at 24mph in the time it would take a car travelling 20mph to stop.

“Reducing speed not only saves lives; it will help build stronger, safer communities - better places to live our lives.”

The move follows a similar approach in Spain where the speed limit on the majority of roads was changed to 30km/h in 2019.

Since then, Spain has reported 20% fewer urban road deaths, with fatalities reduced by 34 per cent for cyclists and 24 per cent for pedestrians.

First Minister Mark Drakeford added: “Our streets will be quieter, reducing the scourge of noise pollution, and slower speeds also boosts the confidence of people to cycle and walk around their local areas and for children to play outdoors.

“Evidence from around the world is clear – reducing speed limits reduces collisions and saves lives.

“I am confident if we all work together, we can make the necessary changes that will benefit us now and in the future.”

Research shows the 20mph default speed limit could save £92m a year by reducing the number of deaths and injuries. It could also help to reduce pressure on the NHS from a reduction in injuries from road traffic collisions.

Over the first decade, it is estimated a lower speed limit will save up to 100 lives and 20,000 casualties.

Joshua James, Public Affairs Manager, Living Streets Cymru said:

“Introducing 20mph as the default speed on our streets will improve the places where we live, work and go to school – and most importantly, it will save lives.

“At Living Streets, we want everyone in our communities to enjoy the benefits of walking and cycling – now and for many years to come. Research shows that the majority of people in Wales support 20mph, and we are pleased to be working with the Welsh Government to ensure that our streets and pavements are safe and accessible for everyone."

Dr Sarah Jones, Consultant in Environmental Public Health for Public Health Wales, said:

“Public Health Wales strongly supports 20mph legislation, which will transform the places where people live, work and travel.  The evidence is clear that reducing traffic speeds has multiple health and wellbeing benefits.  It improves road safety, reduces noise pollution and over time will help to tackle air pollution. The safer environment that slower traffic speeds bring will also enable more people to actively travel, for example walking and cycling to work and school. 

“Active travel offers such a wide range of benefits across society, boosting physical and mental health, and reducing the demand on our health service of treating many preventable illnesses.”

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Building momentum in the global fight against climate change

“The wealth of knowledge and expertise throughout these states and regions is huge and gives me hope we can fight against climate change and set the global path to zero emissions by 2050.”


National Forest for Wales branches out

Wales’ new National Forest takes a further step forward today as a new scheme to enable more woodlands to become part of the network is launched.


Deputy Minister confirms majority of bus services will be protected thanks to £46m fund

The majority of bus services in Wales will be protected thanks to a new transitional scheme announced by the Welsh Government today (Friday, June 16).


Welsh Government celebrates Clean Air Day with £58m boost for active travel

More than £58m will be invested into ways to help us choose to walk and cycle for local journeys, Deputy Climate Change Minister Lee Waters confirmed today (Thursday, June 15).

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Deputy Minister leads the way to get troubled service back on track

Delays, cancellations, and overcrowding are just some of the reasons Deputy Minister Lee Waters decided to take a trip on the Wrexham to Bidston line.