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A55 Talardy

A55 junction 27 Talardy Interchange Bridge Strengthening Works

Gwaith Cryfhau Pont Cyfnewidfa Talardy Cyffordd 27 yr A55

Essential maintenance work to strengthen the bridges on the A55 at junction 27 is now underway.

Built in 1970, the three bridges supporting the A55 through the Talardy Interchange are being strengthened so they can continue to carry heavy loads safely in the years to come.

The scope of works includes concrete repairs, replacement of movement joints, carriageway resurfacing and the addition of steelwork to strengthen the bridge decks.

This is essential to protect the safety of the travelling public and to provide unrestricted passage for heavy vehicles which would otherwise need to be diverted off the A55 on to local roads.

To minimise disruption the work is being carried out 24 hours a day to ensure that the works are completed as quickly as possible. Traffic will be unaffected at the weekends throughout the project to ensure that busier traffic flows are not impacted.

The works are programmed to take 11 weeks depending on weather conditions and are scheduled to be completed by 27 November, but every effort will be made to finish ahead of schedule if that is possible.

 Eastbound and westbound lane closures are programmed to be in place for four weeks from September 28th, with full overnight carriageway closures due to take place for two weeks from November 8th.  The junction 27 eastbound on-slip and westbound off-slip will also be closed when needed

Some work will be done out of sight of motorists in protected areas. 

The work is being carried out when traffic levels are lower and when the weather is usually better than later in the winter.

Every effort will be made to keep disruption to a minimum but some delays should be expected when approaching junction 27 when travelling westbound on Mondays –Thursdays.  Traffic will be directed to stay on the A55 rather than use alternative local traffic routes which are unsuitable for use as diversion routes when traffic flows are high.

Transport Minister Ken Skates said: “The safety of the travelling public is our priority.  The essential work at Talardy will increase the resilience of the bridges here for the future, helping reduce incidence of unplanned disruption or heavy loads having to be diverted to smaller roads.”  

For more information visit Traffic Wales or follow @TrafficWalesN