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JM Jeremy Miles Education Minister - School Portrait, March 2021

Proposals to consider changes to school uniform policies

Cynigion i ystyried newidiadau i bolisïau gwisg ysgol

  • New consultation on school uniforms launched
  • Cost for school items to be considered as cost-of-living crisis hits families

Parents, guardians, and learners are being asked to consider if school logos on uniforms are necessary, as part of a new consultation launched today by the Minister for Education and Welsh Language, Jeremy Miles.

The consultation will seek opinions on a variety of proposals relating to school uniform to update the statutory guidance and to further support families through the cost-of-living crisis and make uniforms more affordable.

Options to be considered include the use of school branding and whether schools should have no logo at all, or use ‘iron on logos' to be made available free of charge. This could give families the option to purchase uniform at cheaper costs from a retailer of their choice. It will also seek opinions on whether schools should enter into single supplier contracts.

Views on the role of schools in uniform recycling and exchange schemes are also sought.

Parents/carers, learners, governing bodies, headteachers, teachers and school staff, uniform suppliers and other key stakeholders are encouraged to share their views by responding to the consultation.


Minister for Education and Welsh Language, Jeremy Miles said: “The Welsh Government is doing everything we can to support families through this cost-of-living crisis.

“I know that a lot of schools work hard to keep the cost of their uniforms to a minimum.  However, there are still too many instances where families are being expected to spend eye-watering amounts just to send their children to school.”

“We are launching this consultation so that we can take further action in order to support families.

“96,000 pupils are already eligible for our PDG Access Grant – the most generous support scheme in the UK – which helps with the cost of uniforms and school items. I urge families to check whether they are eligible so that they too can benefit from this vital support

 The consultation will run until 28th November 2022

Notes to editors

Links to the consultation can be viewed here and

In 2019 we updated our school uniform guidance and made it statutory to better support governing bodies in making their decisions on school uniform policies in respect of access, affordability and flexibility.  statutory-guidance-for-school-governing-bodies-on-school-uniform-and-appearance-policies.pdf

Further details of the PDG Access Grant - Pupil Development Grant - Access | GOV.WALES