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Newport’s £17m regeneration thanks to Transforming Towns

Cynllun adfywio Casnewydd gwerth £17m diolch i Trawsnewid Trefi

From indoor market stalls and shopping arcades to a museum and state-of-the-art leisure centre, Climate Change Minister Julie James has seen first-hand how £17m of Transforming Towns funding has been put to use in Newport.

Newport City Council has received the funding since 2018 through the Targeted Regeneration Investment (TRI) programme and the Transforming Towns (TT) programme.

During the visit, the Minister saw several projects first hand including:

  • The new indoor market supported by a £2m TRI loan
  • The Central Library and Museum where refurbishment work was completed in February thanks to £1.3m of TT funding
  • Newport Leisure and Wellbeing Centre supported by a £7m TT grant
  • The Chartist Tower which has ben converted into a four-star hotel thanks to more than £600k of TRI funding
  • The Grade II listed Market Arcade which has been redeveloped with £1.2m of TT grant funding

Speaking after the visit, Climate Change Minister Julie James said: “It was great to visit Newport to see the positive impact funding has had on the city centre.

“We want town and city centres across Wales to be the beating heart of Welsh communities, where people can access services, shops, communal and cultural spaces.

“Regenerating our town centres is complex and will only happen if we have a joint understanding of the issues they face. These include the increase in out-of-town development reliant on private car transport, the growth in online shopping, and the withdrawal of essential services.

“Our Transforming Towns programme is designed to help reverse this decline, with £125 million over three years to reinvent towns across Wales.”


Notes to editors

Regeneration Investment in Newport since 2018 


Green City Centre


Revenue Funding 2020-21


Property Frontage, Homes Above Shops and Covid Recovery


Ringland Hub


Chartist Tower (loan and grant)


Indoor Market (loan)


Market Arcade, Newport


Revenue Funding 2021-22


Information Station (Central Library & Museum and Old Station Building)


Placemaking Grant


Newport Leisure & Wellbeing Centre (Expansion Land)


King's Chambers Phase 3


Placemaking Grant 2022-2025


Town Centre Loans