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Innovative ideas to tackle ammonia emission in Wales

Syniadau arloesol i fynd i'r afael ag allyriadau amonia yng Nghymru


The Welsh Government is making £1 million available to support new projects which can help reduce ammonia emissions with the application window opening today.

The focus of this Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) challenge is the agriculture sector in Wales.

The challenge aims to help businesses develop innovative products and services which can make a real difference to lessen the harmful impacts of the pollutant on the land and in the atmosphere.

Atmospheric ammonia is a primary pollutant emitted by agricultural activities with most of the ammonia coming from the natural breakdown of animal by-products.

The cattle industry, particularly the dairy sector, for instance, has high levels of ammonia emissions which is attributable to the production cycle.

SBRI connects challenges with innovative ideas from industry, enabling organisations to utilise emerging technology and new solutions to tackle problems whilst supporting businesses to develop and grow.

Businesses will be given the opportunity to put together robust evidence packs demonstrating how their projects can reduce ammonia emissions and are in line with the UK Air Quality inventories.

Rural Affairs Minister, Lesley Griffiths said: “Tackling ammonia emissions in Wales is an important issue.

“We know most ammonia emissions come from the agriculture sector and so the challenge we are putting to businesses is primarily focussed on this.

“I encourage everyone with an interest in making a real difference to how we address this matter to apply for support.”

Businesses can learn more about the Welsh Government’s Ammonia Small Business Research Initiative Challenge and apply for funding by visiting: Reducing Pollution Resulting from Agricultural Ammonia Emissions in the Cattle Sector | SBRI Centre of Excellence (