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“Help us achieve our ambition to become the most LGBTQ+ friendly nation in Europe”

“Helpwch ni i gyflawni ein huchelgais i ddod y genedl fwyaf cyfeillgar i LGBTQ+ yn Ewrop”

With the Welsh Government pledging to be the most LGBTQ+ friendly nation in Europe, Deputy Minister for Social Partnership Hannah Blythyn, today launched the LGBTQ+ Action Plan consultation, which will outline the Welsh Government’s determination to achieve this historic ambition.

The publication of the Action Plan begins the consultation process for everyone right across Wales to play a part in the process and help make sure equality is for everyone and no-one is left behind in Wales.   

Deputy Minister for Social Partnership Hannah Blythyn said:

“We want to make sure that equality is for everyone and no-one is left behind here in Wales, so I’m really pleased to publish the cross-government LGBTQ+ Action Plan today.

 The Action Plan, developed in partnership with representatives from across the LGBTQ+ community, will help to coordinate action between the Government, stakeholders, the public and other agencies, to achieve our ambition to furthering LGBTQ+ equality in Wales.

 The plan sets out a wide range of policy-specific actions relating to Human Rights and Recognition; Safety; Home and Communities; Health and Social Care; Education; and the Workplace, by adopting a cross-government approach, covering all areas of policy will we truly be able to achieve equality for all in Wales.

 At the end of Pride Month, I set out the key steps on the journey towards achieving greater LGBTQ+ equality in Wales. Today, I want to reaffirm our key commitments; seeking the devolution of powers relating to the Gender Recognition Act, to use all available powers to ban all aspects of LGBTQ+ conversion therapy and to support Prides across Wales by sponsoring Pride Cymru, establishing a Wales-wide Pride Fund and appointing a Wales-wide Coordinator.

 Our ambition is to tackle the long-term structural inequalities that still exist, to challenge discrimination and to create a country without prejudice.”

Outlining the expert report’s recommendations, the Deputy Minister highlighted the importance of engaging with the process.

She said:

Alongside the Action Plan, I am also releasing the Independent Expert Panel Report which has formed the basis of this consultation.

I want to thank the members of the Expert Group for their insight, their knowledge and experience. This is a ground-breaking report which has highlighted a number of cross-cutting themes for us to consider, in order to achieve our ambitions.

We know that the fight for equality isn’t over, there is always more to do, launching our Action Plan today will allow everyone, right across Wales to help us achieve our goal to become the most LGBTQ+ friendly nation in Europe.”

 Chair of the LGBTQ+ Independent Expert Group Lu Thomas said:

Ministers have continually used the phrase: ‘Progress is never inevitable’ and with the release of the consultation today, it clearly shows the Welsh Government is committed to achieving real progress in our society.

Our report deliberately gives a focus to intersectionality, ensuring that all areas of Government pull together, with stakeholders, community groups and individuals from across our society to engage and contribute to the plan.

It’s only by uniting as a nation can we achieve real progress and deliver a fairer and more equal society in Wales.”

Notes to editors

LGBTQ+ Action Plan available here- LGBTQ+ Action Plan | GOV.WALES

Independent Expert Group report available below (PDF file)