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Further support for teachers to boost roll out the new curriculum.

Cymorth pellach i athrawon i hybu'r broses o gyflwyno'r cwricwlwm newydd.

The roll out of the Curriculum for Wales will be boosted by further support for teachers and schools to ensure consistent delivery across Wales.

Following visits to educational settings and hearing first hand from teachers about their experiences, the Cabinet Secretary for Education, Lynne Neagle has announced Welsh Government will introduce simplified, easy to access support to help schools plan their curriculum, deliver for learners and provide consistency across Wales.

The support announced today will include; national collaboration to develop common approaches across the profession, simplifying the process of curriculum design and evaluation, tools and templates to plan learning, clearer expectations for teaching and learning and sharing examples of curriculum design and best practice.  It will also put revised Literacy and Numeracy and Digital Competence Frameworks on a statutory footing to provide clear expectations for these critical skills.

A sustained improvement in educational attainment is a top priority for the Welsh Government and the new Curriculum for Wales is central to raising standards and providing a broad and balanced education so all learners can reach their full potential.

Schools are already making progress and the Curriculum for Wales is now being taught in all schools and settings up to and including year 8, with year 9 following from this September. All year groups will be learning through the Curriculum for Wales from September 2026.

Cabinet Secretary for Education, Lynne Neagle said:

“Over the last few months, I have visited schools and met with our education workforce to see the Curriculum for Wales in action. I have seen first hand how effectively the new curriculum is being delivered in some schools But whilst the impact and progress is evident it was clear more support was needed.

“I have listened to these concerns and today I have outlined what further support will be made available to help design and deliver the new curriculum successfully across the whole of Wales. This support will be clear, simple and shaped by the profession. It will provide schools with more consistency and be focused on the issues raised by the teaching workforce. This is about ensuring a common foundation for all schools, without imposing a ceiling on their creativity or innovation, so all learners can thrive.”