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Dafydd Trystan Davies re-appointed as Chair of Active Travel Board

Ailbenodi Dafydd Trystan Davies yn Gadeirydd y Bwrdd Teithio Llesol

The Minister for Climate Change, Julie James has announced the re-appointment of Dr Dafydd Trystan-Davies as Chair of the Welsh Government’s Active Travel Board.

Dr Dafydd Trystan Davies was initially appointed as the independent Active Travel Board Chair in September 2020.

He will continue his work in leading the Board in its role of advising and supporting Welsh Ministers in relation to implementing the Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013 and increasing levels of walking and cycling in Wales.

The Minister for Climate Change, Julie James said;

“I am pleased with the re-appointment of Dafydd Trystan Davies as Chair of our Active Travel Board. He will continue to bring a wealth of experience to the role promoting Active Travel and creating conditions in Wales that will make it much easier, safer and appealing for many more people to walk and cycle for everyday journeys.

Dr Dafydd Trystan Davies said;

"I’m delighted to have been reappointed to Chair the Active Travel Board by Welsh Government. The pandemic has cast a large shadow over our work over the past two years, but I’m confident that with the commitment from Welsh Government to develop active travel across Wales and positive engagement from local authorities and other partners we’ll be able to make significant strides forward over the next two years. The climate emergency we face demands nothing less."

Notes to editors

Dr Dafydd Trystan Davies has previously served as an advisory board member of Sustrans in Wales and a director of Cycle Training Wales. He is currently Chair of Governors at Ysgol Hamadryad – a school that has implemented an active travel policy from the outset – and has been recognised for its success in this field across the UK.

He is a Board Member of Sport Wales and chairs RunWales. He served as a member of the Welsh Government expert panel on ‘Reinventing Schooling’. He is a member of the Ministerial Board on the Welsh Language in Health and Social Care and a member of the Steering Committee of the NPLD – a European network to promote linguistic diversity.